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The focus at BSMC has been on providing quality services at customary, reasonable, prevailing costs. Lengthy investigations, which might be both unnecessary and expensive, are avoided. The accent is on keeping the patient’s financial and health interests in mind, while maintaining the stringent international standards without compromise on quality. Knowledge of Cochrane’s Criteria has been of immense use in the area of evidence based medicine. It ensures compliance with the code of ethical medical practice. BSMC takes pride in stating that our quality has been recognized domestically and internationally as well.


All of Us at BSMC are committed to provide prompt   Services in Medical Examination and Maritime and Aviation Medicine of exacting  specifications and excellent quality.


The Objectives of  the organization BSMC is to reach higher level of performance in the chosen field of Maritime & Aviation Medicine and Medical Examination Services.


Our business values and shared standards are built around creating an environment of teamwork, fairness, security, integrity and respect, achieved through mutual cooperation and understanding.

Dr V Z Belani – Profile

Dr Belani’s Blue Shield Medical Clinic LLP owes its position of pre-eminence to the leadership of Dr Belani, a highly qualified, much traveled and widely experienced professional.

Constantly in touch with pulse of his profession, Dr Belani regularly attends international seminars, conferences and workshops and is a member of prestigious organizations – the Indian Medical Association, the General Practitioners Association of Greater Mumbai, Indian Society of Aerospace Medicine, the Maritime Health Association – India chapter, to name a few.

Drawing on more than 38 years professional experience, Dr Belani provides an extensive array of professional services, ranging from medical 

consultation and investigations to medical examinations for seafarers, airline pilots and executives at various multinational banks and multinational corporate houses. He enjoys good rapport with many reputable hospitals and nursing homes in Mumbai and their faculty of specialist in various fields.

BSMC Medical Team

Dr V Z Belani
DG Approval # MAH/MUM/22/2015

Dr Amitkumar Rajkumar Pal, BHMS
DG Approval # MAH/MUM/185/2017

Dr Vina Naik, BHMS
DG Approval # GOA/MRG/05/2018

Dr Bipin Lal, MBBS
DG Approval # MAH/MUM/05/2015

Dr Sanjeevanee Siddhesh Kamat, MBBS
DG Approval # MAH/MUM/221/2018

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